Creating effective reporting channels and processes

While some companies seem emotionally tied to having a telephone hotline because everybody else has one, or because that is the way they have always done things, only 33% of reports globally last year came via telephone, with 65% coming through the web or mobile devices.

In this guide we examine the key considerations when determining which reporting channels to use:

       >  Anonymity 
       >  Accessibility
       >  Simplicity 
       >  Expense 
       >  Future Proofed 

Download our Whistleblowing Service Provider Assessment Guide to find out more.

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A stakeholder engagement and compliance reporting platform built for transformative insights.

A powerful suite of features to help you comply and engage with your employees and stakeholders effectively. Speeki is perfect for building a better culture for almost any kind of organisation.


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Intelligent and user friendly

Powered by AI for a more user-friendly, efficient, and simple process.

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Secure and safe 

Report safely via your mobile device using an anonymous and secure transfer.

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Get set up in minutes

The system can be ready in minutes and meets all compliance requirements.


Speeki makes reporting simple and engaging.

Take no chances, hear all voices.

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